A Builder's Guide To

Mapping the Home Buying Journey

How To 10X Your Sales Funnel, Gain Massive Awareness, and Stay Ahead of Your Competition

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Discover the framework to draw more prospective home buyers off their screens and out to your showhomes

You've probably experienced this: the marketing methods you've been using forever just don't produce the results they once used to. The way people buy a home has changed which means the way you market to them needs to change too.

Most builder's have adopted digital marketing, but are still focused on the low-hanging fruit - the leads ready to buy right now. But there's a much larger group of people, easily 10 times larger, that are just beginning on their home buying journey.  

In this guide, you'll discover a framework for getting the attention of those home buyers earlier in their buying journey, using content and marketing automation to be helpful and relevant, and positioning yourself as the builder of choice.


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A Builder's Guide To Mapping The Home Buying Journey includes:

  • How technology has changed the way that people buy homes -  and how you need to change your marketing to stay relevant
  • What the stages of the modern home buyer's journey are and how the prospect's needs and objectives differ at each stage
  • How to align your marketing with prospective home buyers to deliver what they're looking for at each step of their buying process
  • Step-by-step campaigns to nudge prospects along their home buying journey, and staying by their side until they're ready to buy

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